Have you ever wondered how some canvas companies can offer enticingly steep discounts that seem too good to be true? The answer is two-fold: To start, they
raise the list price so that they can provide a higher percentage off and still turn a profit. The result? There’s no real savings to be had. But more importantly,
they tend to use discount materials that will not stand the test of time. You want your personalized canvas to last a lifetime, and you can’t get that kind of
surety when a canvas company uses wafer-thin canvas material, substandard frames and inks that are very likely to fade.
At CanvasWorld our standards are several cuts above.

Why Canvasworld? We guarantee you the easiest, most affordable and fastest full-service manufacturing of high-quality canvas wall art available today. We offer superior quality, discount pricing, industry-best customer care and lightning-fast delivery. It’s important to keep Our Promise that you receive brilliant color, top-grade materials and complimentary retouching on all your orders. We guarantee satisfaction and highly skilled customer care to ensure that you are completely happy. Our Promise is critical to the way we do business and is carried throughout all that we do.


*Sale ends 11:59:59 pm Pacific Time on December 15, 2019. Without promo code, the current sale is 25% off all orders.

** One additional processing day required for orders placed after 5 PM PST.